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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer a few frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

What does “hpi” mean?
Hpi means holes per linear Inch.  This is how the canvas count is measured so 10hpi equals 10 holes per linear inch.  This is sometimes expressed as 10/”.  The larger this number is, the finer the canvas.

If you’re working in metric, a 10hpi canvas would be expressed as 40 holes per 10cm, 12hpi is 48 holes per 10cm and 7hpi is 29 holes per 10cm.

What is Zweigart Canvas?
Zweigart are German manufacturers of Tapestry (needlepoint) and Embroidery fabrics. They were established in 1877 and have an enviable reputation for the quality of their products.

How accurate is the wool estimation you give?
We’ve worked out the amount of wool required by stitching a length and counting the stitches! We haven’t included any extra in our calculations so the lengths we list should be considered an absolute minimum.

I love the idea of cutting down on waste, but why do kit suppliers include so much extra wool?
Most kit manufacturers are geared to produce complete kits so supplying extra wools should a customer run out is time-consuming.  It can work out cheaper to simply supply more wool than required.

Do I have to stick to either Appletons or Anchor wools?
No, you are in charge!  There is a wide range of wool brands available and a quick hunt around the web will throw up colour conversion charts for many of them.

If I send you a photo can you print it onto canvas for me?
Theoretically we could but choose not to!  A photograph printed onto canvas would have hundreds of colours and be virtually impossible to stitch.    The designs we print are worked out stitch for stitch and the colours are carefully chosen by the designer and accurately matched to the wool shades to make the stitching as pleasurable as possible.

I have a small shop and would love to stock some of your designs - do you offer trade discounts?
Yes we do, please contact us using the trade and wholesale enquiries form.

 No Wools No Needles No Packaging No Waste